Why women should be able to cooking in the kitchen?

Women must be able to cooking is indeed a criterion for a man when he wants to get married. This criterion is like a universal criterion for men who want to get their dream partner. Moreover, the question from the in-laws that was initially raised was ‘What can you cook?’ If you as a woman cannot respond to this issue, you might be rejected as a prospective son-in-law.

For that as a woman, you must be able to cook. It’s not just easy cooking. But cooking a variety of dishes that can be eaten by husbands or other people in the house. For a long time, cooking was considered a domestic job for women. Many say that cooking is a housewife’s job, not a career woman.


Well, if you also think so, first try to examine some of the reasons on this basis. Is it true that cooking is only for housewives? Meanwhile, there are many benefits that you can have when you have cooking skills. One of them is getting husband’s love.

1. Cooking is Fun

Maybe you think that cooking is something that makes it difficult. In fact, cooking is something fun. Don’t think of cooking as a complicated thing. You can try to learn how to cook so that you can learn how to enjoy cooking.

You can explore various ways of cooking, some of the ingredients available, as well as recipes that already exist, you can create. With this kind of exploration, you will feel the pleasure of cooking that you did not get before.

2. Food is more hygienic when you cook it yourself

By cooking, you will know what ingredients are in your food. Likewise, you will know how hygienic and how much nutrition is in the food you eat because you cook it yourself. So that your body will also continue to be healthy, because the consumption of nutrients is quite balanced.

3. Cook too Sports

By cooking, all sides of your body will be moved. Your hands will hold the spatula or kitchen knife with force, your feet will stand while you cook.

Your face is about to sweat until cooking can be a lot of substitute activities for sports that can nourish your body. Instead of you just going out with your friends, it’s better for you to spend time cooking at home.

4. Husband is more affectionate when he has a wife who is good at cooking

Usually men choose women who are happy to cook because in the food there is taste and love. So you can prove your love for your husband through your cooking.

If you want your partner to be more affectionate, then cook. By serving your food to him, he will also respect your efforts as a companion who seeks to perfect himself.

5. Avoid Waste

Cooking can keep you away from the routine of outside snacks. Of course, eating home cooking continues to be more economical. You can calculate how much money you have to spend just to buy food outside. Well, you should cook yourself, so that you and your family can be more economical.

6. Cooking Skills Can Be Turned into Business

Well, for this one, you can also use the results of your cooking as a medium for opening a business. For example, you want to open a food catering service, open a simple shop, cake shop, and others. It’s not only a hobby, it can also be money. Because an exciting job is a paid hobby.

7. Women who can cook are always missed

Have you ever heard or said “missing mom’s cooking”? Yep, that’s what will happen when you cook at home for the people you love. In fact, it is not only food that is missed, you as a woman will always be missed by your husband.

Later, when your children grow up and live far away from you, it is your cooking that will be your children’s greatest longing.

8. Women who are good at cooking appear as diligent women

As I noted earlier, the things that men want from a woman, it seems that being an active woman is one of the reasons why men are happy women who can cook. No matter what kind of cooking it is, a woman who can cook is more visible as an active woman. But yes, not only can you cook water and cook rice or noodles, it’s practical.

The evaluation of men for the requirements of a dream companion is also one of them being able to cook. One of the steps is generally at the beginning of a relationship, you must ask “Can you cook?”. This problem could be a matter of evaluating the eligibility of male companions. Although not all men require their companions to cook. Being able to cook is important for you because it shows that you are an active person.

9. Husband always misses home when he has a wife who is good at cooking

Believe it or not, what makes you always miss the place to live except for the girl herself is the food. Whoever you are, when you are wandering or staying, will definitely miss the place to live, one of which is mother’s cooking. Just imagine if your mother can’t cook, what can make you miss your home except your mother.

The same thing applies to men, home cooking is more satisfying than restaurant food. Cooking at home is made not only with spices, but also with love and affection. So it’s definitely different from restaurant cooking whose purpose is to make money.

If you want your partner to always miss home, one of the steps is to keep him satisfied with cooking at home. Just imagine if you eat at home that cooks a household assistant, some of your partner can miss home because of your assistant. You don’t want to be like that, do you? so let’s cook.

10. Women who can cook more romantically

The romantic aspect of women is not only from the path together, vacation together or some other things. In terms of dining can also create a romantic atmosphere. It could be that making a meal for a companion or just a body-warming drink can create a romantic atmosphere. Dinner is also one of the most romantic things to do.

If the companion can cook, the romantic aspect is definitely more. Because basically men need something that can calm one thing, among other things, food problems. So for men, women who can cook seem to be more romantic. So for those of you who can’t cook, start learning so you can be even more romantic.

11. Good Cooking Makes It Easy When You Want Something

There must be a time when we want to eat something about. It’s easy to be able to buy outside, but what if the weather is not friendly or the conditions are too late or many are closed? One of the steps is to do it yourself. With conditions like this, of course, female companions can be relied on to make things they want.

If a case like this with the condition of the companion unable to cook, it could be a case. but if the female companion can cook, it could be easy.

Want to make cakes, make soup or anything else, it’s easy. There are also many cases of formulas on the internet, such as bread formulas that are already very numerous. If your partner wants to make a cake at night, it will be easy if you can actually cook.

12. Clever cooking wants to be a son-in-law who loves in-laws

For those of you ladies who want to get married and want to win the heart of the in-laws, the easiest method is to be able to cook. Many parents-in-law want their son when he is old to get a wife who can cook.

But in this era it is very difficult to find a woman who is good at cooking. So that you as a man must be smart to find a wife who will be your life partner later.

For you girls, it’s time since sitting in high school you have often learned to cook. Don’t let your days off just be used to relax or just to play with your friends. Try to set aside your time off to learn to cook with mom in the kitchen.

If the mother is on a busy schedule, then you can invite your other friends to come home, and you can learn to cook together in your home kitchen. Instead of you doing an obscure hangout, it’s better for you to be more concerned with learning to cook.