The Challenges of Culinary Business in the Digital Age

Culinary business seems to be still a business trend in 2018. Besides the fact that food is a basic necessity, the habits of Indonesians who like to hang out are also a major factor in the proliferation of culinary businesses. Ranging from restaurants, food courts, to food trucks. A variety of unique foods are present coloring the menu variations. Decoration of the place of business was made as attractive as possible. The experiences presented also vary. The goal is only one, which is to attract the attention of visitors and make them volunteer to share a pleasant culinary impression on social media.

In this digital era, promoting business through social media channels is a must. There are those who fill their feeds with appetizing food photos. There are also those who enliven it with attractive promos. Not a few who focus on customer reviews. Even some are willing to pay for advertising to reach more potential customers. Even so, doing culinary business in the digital age has its own challenges. Here are some things you can do to deal with it:

It may be pretty, but the quality of food remains

Whatever promo method is used, the digital age makes businesspeople need to be smart using a visual approach to attract attention. But business is not just about making customers come, but also making customers come back. In addition to the comfort of the place, the food and drinks that are served must also satisfy the tongue. Menus that only follow trends tend to be easily abandoned by customers. Because in the end the culinary business is a matter of taste, not just beautiful in the eyes.

Optimal service

Location is okay, food is good, but customers are asked to stand in line and wait long? Wow, this will affect the sale of your business going forward. Every customer wants to get the best service. Fast response and good hospitality can build unforgettable experiences in the minds of customers. Given the increasingly competitive competition between merchants, business people must find the right treatment so that customers do not move to other outlets. Especially if your business is based online and requires a shipping service, the speed of response is the main thing.

Starting a culinary business that is trending like now is indeed tricky. Easy to start but hard to maintain. In addition to seeing the potential for profit, business people also need to pay attention to the challenges that will be faced, especially in the digital era which is very easy. Go with the flow and the hype is necessary, but your business also needs to find a different niche to look outstanding.