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By the early 1970s, Farrell’s had grown to fifty eight areas nationwide. It was sold to Marriott Corp. in 1972, which grew Farrell’s to 130 stores. Marriott bought the rights to the chain to an funding group in 1982. An attempt to reshape the chain resulted in chapter, and the model went again into the palms of Marriott, which closed most of the stores.

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But underneath Red Barn’s final set of householders, an funding group, Red Barn restaurants throughout the U.S. and Canada began to close when leases expired round 1988. To stand out from the rising crowd of fast-food eating places, Red Barn restaurants were built like a, well, red barn, with high ceilings inside and huge home windows. And, certainly, hot canines soaked in beer have been the signature dish of Lum’s, together with beer, fried seafood and hamburgers. At its height in the Seventies, Lum’s had 450 eating places within the U.S. and overseas, and employed comic Milton Berle for its TV commercials.

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Burger Chef was sold in 1982 to another burger competitor, Hardee’s, which swallowed the remaining 600 or so restaurants and ultimately made them disappear (revived as a plot point in “Mad Men”). The last Burger Chef franchise, in Tennessee, closed in 1996. The downfall of Arthur Treacher’s began within the 1970s, when quick-food chains, new and old, were duking it out. The cod Arthur Treacher’s used in its recipes doubled in worth because of the Cod War between Iceland and Britain. By the end of that decade, Arthur Treacher’s had filed for bankruptcy safety. In the 1950s and ‘60s, Howard Johnson’s eating places had been an actual roadside attraction for baby-boomer children being carted around within the automobile by their Greatest Generation mother and father.