Try these 5 Norwegian Dishes

When you mention food and cooking in Norway, you know that this country loves to eat.

Famous for its salmon and meatballs, Norwegian cuisine is much loved around the world. You’d think that Norwegians would have a hearty diet of seafood – and you’d be right. They also love red meat, poultry, and vegetables. Many of the top five most popular Norwegian dishes to try out have been prepared for centuries.

Healthy and hearty is the best way to describe Norwegian dishes. With mild summers and icy cold winters, Norwegians look to food for warmth and comfort in winter and prefer lighter meals for summertime. Surrounded by some of the most beautiful lands in the world, Norwegians’ farming crops are nutritious and packed with vitamins and minerals.

All about ingredients

Norwegians are very strict when it comes to shopping for food. They have a strong sense of supporting local farmers in their food markets and supermarkets – with freshness being the key ingredient of many of their dishes. When you look for online shops to buy the freshest and healthiest foods, take a look at Norskeanmeldelser – a Norwegian review site. This website is a platform for customers to share their opinions and views about products and businesses.

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Norway boasts a range of national dishes enjoyed regularly during the summer and winter months. It is also a fantastic way to experience the taste and culture of this diverse and beautiful country.

Top 5 Norwegian Dishes to Try

1.  Medisterkaker

A Norwegian favourite for centuries, Medisterkaker is a dish of pork meatballs served with either boiled or mashed potatoes with gravy. Delicious and hearty, it is a true taste of Scandinavian cuisine at its best.

2.  Sodd

Sodd dates back to the 13th century Norway. It is a rich broth comprising pieces of mutton, pork, or beef meatballs, with carrots and potatoes. This is a welcome winter treat – and a traditional weekend dish served for families on special occasions.

3.  Farikal

Farikal is a hearty mutton and cabbage stew served with boiled potatoes. It’s surprising so many meals in Norway contain potatoes, However, these vegetables are full of vitamins and nutrients that they are served with most meals.

4.  Fiskesuppe

A fish soup that with a mouth-watering taste: you’ll love fiskesuppe. It is so popular in Norway, you can buy this fish soup from just about every corner shop, deli, restaurant, and bar. It is made up of fish (any type), shellfish, root vegetables (mostly carrots and onions), butter, milk, and cream. It is a thick broth, best enjoyed warm and steaming hot.

5.  Pinnekjott

Christmas Eve is traditionally celebrated with Pinnekjott. This dish comprises racks of lamb that have been brined and air dried or smoked before being cooked. In centuries past, Norwegians used to hang the meat under trees to dry naturally. In this way, they preserved their meat. This gives the dish a particular flavour that leaves the diners left wanting more once their plates are clean. Pinnekjott is traditionally served with mashed or boiled potatoes, pureed Swedish turnips, and a bevvy of salads.


No matter where in Norway you’re visiting or living, each district has a special dish. You have to tick these five dishes off your bucket list, though. It is a true taste test of the best the region offers in flavour, produce, and quality.