Tips for Saving Culinary Savings All Day

Who doesn’t like cooking? In addition to filling the stomach and pampering the tongue, culinary can open up insights into the unique offerings that are around us. unfortunately, a limited culinary budget is often a barrier. In fact, there are many ways to be able to eat delicious without wasteful.

Determine Culinary Tourism and Budget

By determining the culinary tour you want to go to, you will more easily find out the price of the menu and estimate the budget spent. So that the culinary experience is more solid, look for street culinary that has been recommended by many people because of its delicious cuisine and quite affordable menu prices (because it is not taxable).

Invite a friend

The easiest and most exciting way to save a day’s culinary is to invite friends. The convenience is that you and your friends can buy different menus and taste each other. If so, you don’t need to buy a variety of menus for yourself in just one culinary place. In addition, you can joint venture with friends to pay for the menu. If you decide to explore culinary tours in many places, you should not order too much food so that the stomach is still “empty” when eating elsewhere.

Culinary Tourism Exploration in One Region

For those of you who don’t carry private vehicles, culinary in the same area makes it easy for you to explore various destinations without having to use public transportation. Look for the area that is the center of culinary tourism so you can sample a variety of interesting dishes on foot. For example, the Gondangdia area in Central Jakarta, the Aut Gang in Bogor, the Old Market in Tangerang, and so on.

Choose Wisely Transportation

If indeed culinary tourism is far enough away and you are too tired to walk, you definitely need transportation. Each transportation has its own plus and minus values. Public transportation is usually cheaper than online transportation, but depends on conditions. For example, you go with six people using online transportation at a short distance travel price.

Be sure to record expenses

I was so much fun culinary, we usually like to forget to record the budget spent each meal at a destination. As a result, it is difficult for us to control pre-determined expenses and confusion in sharing the joint venture funds equally with friends. For this reason, keep a receipt and record expenses for every meal you buy (including taxes if any) to keep it under control.

Take advantage of promos

Now, many eating places work together with certain brands to give promos to customers. For example, virtual funds applications. Promos given are usually in the form of cashback or discounts of up to 60% for each transaction using a smartphone. all you need to do is compare which promo is the most profitable and always read the applicable provisions. Do not get lured because the promo even be a loss.