Tips for Choosing a Home for Young Families

After we previously discussed the tips for choosing the first house, this time I tried to discuss tips on choosing a home for young couples. These tips are not only limited to first home purchases.

Houses are the most expensive asset for most families, especially for young couples. Along with the increase in family members or the necessity to move cities, the purchase of the next house is a choice.
So even though the existing home inventory can be said to be limited, still we must not choose the wrong choice when making a purchase. For this discussion the main focus is the purchase of houses for non-investment purposes.


The strategic location for young families is usually the proximity to the work location or at least the location has / passed by adequate transportation facilities.
The strategic location also determines the prospect of the price of this property in the future so that the house we buy can also be a profitable investment tool if you want to resell it.


A comfortable, safe and well-maintained environment also must be considered. It’s useless a good home but in the middle of a slum or crime-prone environment.
For young families also usually include the factor of traffic congestion in the residential environment as a consideration as well. Do not always be alarmed when the child starts asking permission to play outside the home.

Facilities and Access

For young families, facilities such as schools for children and the availability of shopping centers are important. So you don’t have to bother looking for school or looking for entertainment on weekends.
Availability of transportation routes such as toll road access must also be considered. The availability of other transportation services such as trains or feeder buses is also an important additional point.
For some people who often travel, decart homes with airports, terminals or ports are important. The advantage of owning a house near an airport in a big city like Jakarta is that you don’t need to be excited and jammed in the airplane chase.

Understand housing and regional development

It doesn’t matter if you are forced to become the first occupant in a housing that is still under construction. Or just being able to buy a house in an area far from the desired location.
The important thing is to be careful to pay attention to the map of regional development around the location of the house, who knows there are plans for the development of toll roads or railway lines in the area.
Future development and development timelines of housing are also important things to consider.

House prices

Good shape and okay quality does not mean enough in determining the choice house. Also check the price, expensive or not. How do you rate the house expensive or cheap?
Check with property prices around the area, what is the price per m2 of houses around there. With a little adjustment, we can really calculate the estimated price of the house of our choice.
Checking can be done through surveys to property agents around the location or through offers on the home online buying and selling site.

Quality of the building

This is rather difficult to judge if the housing is not ready for habitation. But the quality of the building can be assessed at least from the sample house provided.
So don’t just buy from a property exhibition, so go to the location to be able to know exactly what your chosen house will be.

Be observant about offers and discounts

Standard, yes, buy while you get lots of promos. Want to discount the price, free AC or anything, as long as making the price cheaper can be considered.