Tips for choosing a good developer

After knowing how to choose a dream house, which is no less important is to determine which house to buy. Usually young families are more comfortable to buy a house in a housing complex.
For this reason, tips on choosing housing developers below can be input into house hunting.

Credibility and good reputation

This is most easily assessed through previous projects. Look for as much news as possible about the developer, if you need to go to housing that has been built before.
Not that new developers can’t be trusted, huh, but our selection process must be more detailed. Especially if we buy a house that is still “picture”, the credibility of the developer becomes very important to note.


Make sure the land area built by housing has its parent certificate issued. If the certificate is pledged to the bank for the purposes of the project, we can just ask to see the Deed of Giving Mortgage Rights and Underwriting Rights Certificates.
If the legality of the location of the housing to be purchased is still a location permit, the risk is still quite high. For that, first ask the parent copy of the certificate to make sure.


Usually many developers have many promises. Try checking the stages of development promised by the developer, whether it is in accordance with the actual development in the field.
If there are some promises that are not made for reasons that are not strong enough, it is better not to force yourself to buy from the developer.

Collaboration with banks

Now this is important, because it determines how many mortgage options we can do. The more banks that are invited to cooperate means the more choices of mortgage schemes that we can get.
In addition, cooperation with banks also indicates that the property we are about to buy is safe in terms of legality. Yes, before working together, of course a bank must have done a thorough due diligence on the developer.