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I would make selfmade tomatoe sauce, butternut squash soup. And also green smoothies and puree greens to add to my recipes, so my children won’t know I put any in my lasagna. You want to take advantage of the time you’re prepping or cooking, so that you want to choose meals with related ingredients and even a similar cooking methodology, if in any respect potential. This makes better use of your time, and creates a theme, so to speak, of your session. Now freezer cooking can be very time-consuming. I know some folks dedicate entire days to cooking for the freezer.

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Me however, I’m more of a one-hour sort of gal. Food Network Magazine loves boneless meat for quick weeknight meals, but sometimes bone-in cuts are value the additional cooking time. Read full articleSince a serious facet of cooking is the heating of elements, temperature is a vital subject.

I may even make some creamy tomato soup and some fruit smoothies. Thanks for an opportunity to win a Blendtec blender. The recipes I would make in the blender are pancakes, muffins, nut butter, and smoothies. I would use the blendtec for smoothies, soups, lara bars, making my very own egg replacer, cooked beans for the freezer, and so many other issues. I love making blender batters for muffins, pancakes, and cornbread.

In cooking, we are primarily involved within the temperature of our cooking surroundings and the temperature of our meals . With some meals, if the temperature of an ingredient has passed a sure level, it’s texture and taste modifications such that we call it overdone. With different dishes, like pot roast, a minimum temperature must be reached to produce the specified effect.

ooh, I would love to make use of the blender to make applesauce, smoothies so I may freeze them and the youngsters might just get them out each time they want one thing healthy to eat. Also I would make the batter for my pancakes and zucchini bread in it. I like to make cooking soups for the freezer, to replace the purchased canned soup. Like cream of mushroom, cream of celery, etc. I would make selfmade fruit purée for adding to plain yogurt and doubling that for making treats corresponding to Popsicles. I love the thought of the batter for a baked good now and a baked good for the freezer. I suppose making easy soups all in the blender would also be best for the freezer.