How to Cook at Home and in Restaurants, Who is deifferent?

Most people who know how to cook good food can get praise from those who have tasted it. Not infrequently the compliment in the form of advice to open your own restaurant. When you get the compliment, you might immediately be tempted by the idea. Definitely not too difficult is not how to cook for a restaurant?

Yet the reality is not as easy as you think. How to cook at home is very different from how to cook for professional business needs. Maybe this is beyond your expectation, especially if you have never been in the professional culinary world. Before deciding to open a restaurant with only capital cooking skills at home, you should first consider the following points.

1. Cookware is Different

Professional cookware is designed to be used nonstop continuously every day. The way it works is different because the tools in the restaurant are made as efficiently as possible. Food in restaurants needs to be served as quickly as possible, and must be made many times. Because of this, the oven in the restaurant will continue to be hot, the pans must be strong enough to be filled with large amounts of food, and the deep fryer in the restaurant must also be able to fry food in seconds, not minutes. These features will obviously make you more comfortable when practicing how to cook in the restaurant kitchen

2. Different Foods

Some restaurants usually use fresh food, but there are also many restaurants that work with suppliers that provide food that will make the cooking process easier. So get rid of thoughts that you have to make everything start from scratch. There will definitely be vendors who offer food products that taste not much different from what you cook. Initially you might hesitate to use it.

3. Professional Chefs Don’t Need Recipes

If you meet with a professional chef, you certainly will not find a chef who uses recipes and measures the measurements of all ingredients very carefully, except when they are making a cake that does need precise measurements. Most chefs rely more on instinct and ratio when cooking food. This makes it easier for them to measure quantities, so they do not need to divide spices or oil in smaller amounts. You might need time to remember all the recipes well, but this needs to be done because you will look silly in the kitchen of the restaurant if you continue to use cooking methods like at home, that is by looking at the recipe on paper.

4. You Cannot Use a Multifunctional Cookware in a Restaurant Kitchen

All professional chefs know that all food menus can be cooked only with a sharp knife, frying pan and pan. So don’t be surprised if you won’t find an instant quesadilla maker, instant onion cutter, or any sophisticated cookware that you can see on TV. Professional chefs choose not to use these cooking utensils because they are more difficult to store, have less durability, and make cooking more difficult.

5. How to cook at home more relaxed

If you are accustomed to cooking food casually at home, while watching, or chatting, do not expect you can do that while cooking in a restaurant. The restaurant’s kitchen is always busy, especially when meals come or on certain celebrations. Restaurant staff will carry pots of food around the kitchen and do many things in the kitchen. Work in a restaurant kitchen will never be finished, be it chopping up foodstuffs, cleaning tables to prepare food, or washing dishes and glasses. The atmosphere of the restaurant kitchen is also very hot, uncomfortable, and sometimes feels cramped because there are many people who must be in the kitchen at one time.