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Mohari mutton can also be one of many distinct delicacies of Malwani delicacies. Like different coastal states, an unlimited number of vegetables, fish, and coconuts exists, where they are widespread components. Grated coconuts are used to flavour many forms of dishes, however coconut oil is not extensively used; peanut oil is most popular. Kokum, most commonly served chilled, in an appetiser-digestive called sol kadhi, is prevalent.

These rice breads could be eaten specially flavored with coconut milk, fish curries, and hen or mutton curries. Malwani delicacies is a specialty of the tropical area which spans from the shore of Deogad Malwan to the southern Maharashtrian border with Goa. The unique style and flavor of Malwani delicacies comes from Malwani masala and use of coconut and kokam. Various kinds of pink and green fish, prawns, crab, and shellfish curries are well-known, together with kombadi wade and mutton ready Malwani type.

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Another distinctive and robust ingredient used by the Naga people, is the fermented fish often known as ngari. Fresh herbs and different local greens additionally feature prominently in the Naga delicacies. The Naga use oil sparingly, preferring to ferment, dry, and smoke their meats and fish. Traditional properties in Nagaland have external kitchens that function smokehouses. Different types of rice breads and pancakes add to the number of Malwani delicacies and include tandlachi bhakari, ghawane, amboli, patole, appe, tandalachi and shavai .

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Specific dishes include kadhi, pakora, besan masala roti, bajra aloo roti, churma, kheer, bathua raita, methi gajar, singri ki sabzi, and tamatar chutney. In the olden days, its staple diet included, bajra khichdi, rabdi, onion chutney, milet roti and bajra roti. The typical Gujarati thali consists of roti , daal or kadhi, rice, sabzi/shaak, papad and chaas . The sabzi is a dish of various combinations of vegetables and spices which can be stir fried, spicy or candy.

During summer, Maharashtrians eat panha, a drink created from raw mango. Fish and seafood play a significant position in Kerala delicacies, as Kerala is a coastal state. As Kerala has giant inland water bodies, freshwater fish are plentiful, and represent regular meals. Cattle being common in Haryana, dairy products are a standard element of its delicacies.