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Want to Rent a House? These are 5 things that need to be prepared!

Don’t have a permanent residence yet but want to live in a private and comfortable property? The best alternative, you can rent a house. In contrast to boarding rooms, rental homes allow you to occupy and utilize all parts of the house without having to share with other residents.

Suitable for use with small families, many homes for rent, especially in urban areas, make this option tempting. However, do not just choose a house for rent because several preparations must be done so that the rental process runs smoothly and allows you to occupy a rented house comfortably. property to let in Wentworth Estate
Here, tips on what needs to be prepared before renting a house for a comfortable stay and things that are not desirable.

Prepare Home Rental Costs

There are two general options related to home rental payments, namely monthly and annual payments, each of which can be adjusted according to ability and needs. Especially for those of you who want to rent a house in the short term, it is better to choose a house with a monthly rental payment system, while for the long term, you should choose the option to pay annual rent because the … Read More

Tips for Choosing a Home for Young Families

After we previously discussed the tips for choosing the first house, this time I tried to discuss tips on choosing a home for young couples. These tips are not only limited to first home purchases.

Houses are the most expensive asset for most families, especially for young couples. Along with the increase in family members or the necessity to move cities, the purchase of the next house is a choice.
So even though the existing home inventory can be said to be limited, still we must not choose the wrong choice when making a purchase. For this discussion the main focus is the purchase of houses for non-investment purposes.


The strategic location for young families is usually the proximity to the work location or at least the location has / passed by adequate transportation facilities.
The strategic location also determines the prospect of the price of this property in the future so that the house we buy can also be a profitable investment tool if you want to resell it.


A comfortable, safe and well-maintained environment also must be considered. It’s useless a good home but in the middle of a slum or crime-prone environment.
For young families

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Tips for choosing a good developer

After knowing how to choose a dream house, which is no less important is to determine which house to buy. Usually young families are more comfortable to buy a house in a housing complex.
For this reason, tips on choosing housing developers below can be input into house hunting.

Credibility and good reputation

This is most easily assessed through previous projects. Look for as much news as possible about the developer, if you need to go to housing that has been built before.
Not that new developers can’t be trusted, huh, but our selection process must be more detailed. Especially if we buy a house that is still “picture”, the credibility of the developer becomes very important to note.


Make sure the land area built by housing has its parent certificate issued. If the certificate is pledged to the bank for the purposes of the project, we can just ask to see the Deed of Giving Mortgage Rights and Underwriting Rights Certificates.
If the legality of the location of the housing to be purchased is still a location permit, the risk is still quite high. For that, first ask the parent copy of the certificate to make sure.

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